“Magdalena: Released From Shame” – Multi-Language (W3L)

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Magdalena: Released From Shame in 8 languages: English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Marathi, Spanish (Latin American), Telugu and Vietnamese (Southern). Subtitled in English and Spanish. The DVD also includes: The Story of Jesus for Children in the same languages. Subtitled in English and Spanish.

North African Lady (Magdalena)

Everlasting Love for Women

From Jesus Film Project: North Africa The man on the small screen captivated Yasmine. This elderly woman watching Magdalena: Released From Shame in her home had never before thought about following Christ. But as Jesus spoke with and cared for the women in the film, she realized how deeply He loved them—and loved women like her.Yasmine quickly called her daughter and friends in …

India, cow, face

Cow Dung Protection

A new story from the Jesus Film Project in southeast India: Pastor Kaif has boldly proclaimed the good news of Christ, covering the entire area with showings of JESUS and Magdalena: Released From Shame over the course of a couple years. Religious extremists have made multiple threats on his life, but still he persists. On one occasion, he heard some …

India Crowd

Goat Sacrifice

Jesus Film Project reports: India Cena watched his goat burn. His son’s eyesight was steadily degenerating, and nothing seemed to help. He was losing hope. Anxiety filled his mind. So he followed the advice of a Hindu priest and sacrificed his goat. Despite this, his son’s eyesight continued to grow worse week after week. One day a church planter invited Cena …


The Power of Magdalena’s Testimony

We just attended a conference entitled “Without Borders,” meaning that the gospel is for EVERYONE! Four-hundred ladies came to hear how they could reach out to the Muslim women in their neighborhoods! Our ministry had the privilege of sharing how God continues to speak to women from around the globe through the Magdalena version of the JESUS Film! “Magdalena: Released from …

Turkey Hagia Sophia

Jesus Loves Muhammad!

A recent God-ordained story from one of our partners: We offered to drive a friend back to school to start the fall semester. We picked him up … where he was living for the summer and his friend Muhammad (not his real name) asked if he could ride along. Muhammad had something he wanted to take to his friend who …


Persian Church Growth

Since 2011, our ministry team has supplied over 100,000 DVDs to Persian churches and ministries for distribution during Nowruz (Persian New Year) in the US and Canada. Begin planning now for your Nowruz outreach in March. Consider using the following 2 DVDs:   JESUS DVD – Central Asian Languages Magdalena: Released from Shame – Middle Eastern Languages 0Shares


Salma (part 2 of 2): Royal Leading Women

The following  letter is from The Jesus Film Project. Our mission: “Showing God’s Love to the World”  “For I proclaim the name of the Lord: Ascribe greatness to our God.” Deuteronomy 32:3 Salma (names changed for security) took a risk and went to a high-end hotel in her Middle Eastern nation. A very wealthy woman leader was attending a conference, …