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Pastor Ed

One partner in Vancouver shares two stories: Recently, a fellow by the name of Pastor Ed came to our store at Power to Change.  He purchased tracts and JESUS DVDs and told me how the Lord prompted him to set a table on his lawn by the sidewalk and lay out Bibles, New Testaments, tracts and JESUS DVDs. He put up a …


Impact of All Nations DVDs!

Here’s how internationals are responding when they receive multi-language DVDs of the JESUS Film: One Iraqi woman requested numerous DVD packets to give to all her friends! Another wanted a Bible quickly! One man asked Jesus into his life when talking to those doing the distribution! These are the initial results from an outreach in December to over 9500 homes (many …

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30,000 JESUS DVDs Going Out Across Canada!

Just one week ago, 30,000 multi-language JESUS Film DVDs were made available to a conference in Toronto.  Within the first day of the conference, all 30,000 were claimed for distribution across Canada!   Pray for the immigrants, refugees and international students who will be receiving these in their heart language.  God is doing something big! 0Shares