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What People Are Sayin’ [Part A]

Short Comments about the JESUS Film Gift Card… The card is bold! It’s time to be bold! Jesus’ face on the card communicates longing as in Romans 10:21 where Jesus said, “I have held out my hands to them all day long.” The picture on the card is very authentic and it makes me want to know more. The words on the …


NEW Magdalena Gift Cards!

Why a gift card? Easy to carry Perceived as a gift with value Great if you aren’t carrying DVDs of the right languages Easy to be passed from person to person Why Magdalena? Shows the value God places on women Great for the whole family Order here! 0Shares



Share JESUS in this digital age! It’s easy! Order at 100 cards, just $10 Credit-card-sized gift card To give to non-believers To watch or download the JESUS film and other films In 1400+ languages Go to the website: Enter the code on the back of the card Or use the QR code View or download on a… Phone Tablet …