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Muslim Life in America

Based on a recent Pew survey: More Muslim immigrants are from Asia than the Middle East 56% of  Muslim immigrants in the United States have arrived since  2000 US born Muslims are slightly more likely to say that eating halal food and wearing a headscarf is very important. Muslim immigrants are more likely to say they are (somewhat or completely) proud to …


“What If?”

GLOBAL GATES, one of our ministry partners, has made this terrific clip on reaching Internationals in our everyday world. Please go to “WHAT IF?”     0Shares

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Help Reach Our Newest Neighbors!

The Peoples Connection believes God wants to see every immigrant in America presented with at least one opportunity to know Jesus. We hope to help Christians see immigrants as God’s answer to prayer.  He has brought the world to us. Discussions are underway, linking major denominations and mission organizations. How can you help? Most importantly, join us in prayer! This is a …

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Immigration in the UK

  God is using our partner in the United Kingdom in an amazing way! These are the groups he focuses on in various cities: General: Classic and Egyptian Arabic, Somali, Sudanese Arabic Sweden: Arabic, Farsi, Somali. London: Arabic, Somali Wembley: Somali Birmingham: Sikhs and Muslims, Algerians, Eritreans, Somalis, Sudanese, Yemenis Manchester: Arabs, Gambians, Somalis Nottingham: Arabs, Classic and Egyptian Arabic, Pakistanis, …

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We are Blessed!

“The 20th century was called the Age of Migration. With 214 million people living outside of their countries of birth, the movement of the nations is happening at an unprecedented rate. The United States receives 20% of the world’s international migrants, making her the largest migrant receiving country in the world. While factors such as war, disaster, famine, and disease, …