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Winter Prayer Guide

Please be praying for these requests. And don’t miss this exciting feature story  of a Persian lady and her family. Click here: 2018 Prayer Guide Winter. 0Shares

Iranian Nowruz Picnic

Happy New Year! Please Pray!

IRANIAN NEW YEAR was March 20th. They celebrate for two weeks, ending with a large picnic. During this time they give gifts and visit each other. On Sunday, April 3rd, 600-1000 Iranians will gather in a park nearby one of our partner ministries. A big outreach will take place; many volunteers will hand out packets of Farsi literature which include: …

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Anything Good from the San B Shooting?

Iranian churches are popping up all over the US! We know because they hand out tens of thousands “JESUS” DVDs each year during Nowruz (Iranian New Year). Read this account from one of our ministry partners to see how God is using even tragic news events to draw Iranians to Himself. Many are disillusioned with their religion from birth. After …

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Pray for Nowruz, Iranian New Year!

From our 2016 Winter Prayer Guide: Pray for the upcoming celebrations of the Iranian New Year called Nowruz. This celebration is the weekend of March 19 this year and is observed by family and friends at parks and other venues. Pray for individuals and ministries to have successful outreaches using JESUS DVDs in the Farsi language. Pray for favor and …

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God Used a Powerful Dream

This story is featured in our newest Fall Prayer Guide:  The Ansari family immigrated to America because of their fear of the government in Iran which had tried to lure their son and force him to clear minefields during the Iran-Iraq war. One day, Mrs. Ansari awoke her son with an urgent request. “Mike, it’s Sunday, you must drive me to …


Perfect DVD for Persian Nowruz!

The Persian New Year ‘Nowruz” is March 21st. It is a time to welcome the spring, a time of peace, a time to restore relationships. This celebration has spread throughout much of Asia. Across the USA. Persians hold festivities and family gatherings in local parks. A few are listed here: Saturday, March 7, 2015 – Washington, DC Sunday, March 15, 2015 …

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Persian Festival in Washington DC

In early April, an amazing outreach took place during a large Persian (Iranian) Festival near Washington DC.   Some partners of the Peoples Connection, Christ for the Crescent World and Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry, worked together and handed out about 4000 JESUS Film DVDs, thousands of Gospels, and innumerable tracts.  They report that Iranians are actually very open to the Gospel and there is a …