Vietnamese Girl PG 2017 Spring

Spring Prayer Guide

Spring is here and so is our new Prayer Guide! The Prayer Guide includes a prayer topic for each day of the  week. Thank you for praying! Don’t miss the story of this young Vietnamese girl! 0Shares

Chinese lanterns

Chinese and Vietnamese New Year!

This Thursday marks the beginning of the week-long Chinese New Year festival when all families gather together!  Vietnam and many other Asian countries have their own celebrations. The week’s excitement includes dragon dances, temple fairs and fireworks! Traditions include lucky decorations, gifts and foods in hopes that the coming year will be full of good luck! 2015 is the year of the goat. Remember …

Vietnamese Lantern Festival

Vietnamese Lantern Festival

This past Saturday, the Vietnamese Lantern Festival was celebrated near Toronto. One of our partners was able to give out 250 JESUS DVDs, 25 Bibles, and 300 tracts. Many were seen reading their new Bibles and tracts throughout the event. The Vietnamese Lantern Festival coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival which is celebrated throughout East Asia. It is also know as …