“Magdalena” in Cuba

A group of 17 people recently headed to Cuba; some went for baseball outreach and others were there to present “Magdalena.”

Cuban kids play baseball in horrible conditions, so they were grateful for some new equipment.  Aaron and Milton were hanging around during one of the games; the gospel was shared with them and they prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior right there!  During the visit, quite a few boys gave their hearts to the Lord.

The ladies were busy training churches to use “Magdalena,” a film about Jesus through the eyes of women.  An evangelistic outreach was scheduled for Tuesday evening.  60 women were expected to come, but 98 showed up!  The ladies were absolutely spellbound and responsive to the entire program, both to the film and to the followup studies.


Spiritual warfare evident:

  • USPS express failed to deliver needed materials before departure.
  • The group’s first flight was delayed 6 hours, preventing a day of ministry.
  • Then the flight was full and all carry-on luggage had to be checked; thus the team parted with the back-up materials, hostess gifts, electronics, prescriptions, etc.
  • A back-up shipment of materials was sent from Honduras, but never cleared customs.
  • Upon arrival in Havana, 4 bags did not arrive; 3 days later they were received.
  • On the day of the women’s outreach, the presenter developed a painful sore throat and felt awful, but she went on with the program.


  • The needed materials could be downloaded.
  • The downloaded film stopped in the middle and plans were made to continue the next day.  A multi-language DVD had been packed at the last-minute and saved the event.
  • God used the delay to increased the numbers from 60 to 98.
  • The 90 degree room did not distract the women.
  • All the house church pastors have a vision to keep presenting their own “Magdalena” seminars.

Pray for:

  • New believers; Julia, Maria, Teresa prayed to receive Christ. Julia was also baptized the next day!
  • Others who were touched: Miriam, Cynthia, Laritza, Elsa, Diana, Cecilia, Celia, Adelaide, Giselle…

God is always faithful!