Pray for the 7%

Buddha’s Day (or Vasak Day) is the most important celebration for 7% of the world’s population.  This year, Buddah’s Day is on May 6th.  Buddhists will spend the day meditating on the life of Buddha, listening to templ© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporatione speakers, chanting, and making sacrifices to statues of Buddha . Opportunities are also provided for parents to promise to bring up their children in the ways of Buddha.

Buddhists are heavily concentrated in Southeast Asia, but live throughout the world. Joshua Project provides us with a map. They could even be our neighbors in North America. This article presents where they live in the US.

We need to learn to be culturally sensitive. There was an incident just recently in Sri Lanka where a tourist’s tattoo of Buddha was considered to be a disgrace.

Let’s pray for Buddhists this week and reach out to befriend them too!  A DVD is available in commonly spoken languages.

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