Death Brings Life!

Cemetary Military

God can use a death in the family to bring new life to many.  Suliman Mohamed of Mississauga Prayer Group near Toronto challenges us to take every opportunity:

{Today we went to our cousin’s funeral service. We announced that if anyone would like to have a Bible, DVD and a tract (The Way to God), then please see us after the service. There were around 200 people from various backgrounds. After the service, 102 Bibles, 130 DVDs, 130 tracts and about 10 copies of the Gospel of John were taken.

Those who were from Guyana said to me, “Why don’t we do this in Guyana?” and I told them, “Don’t just talk about it, let’s go and do it and I will provide the DVDs.” Another pastor and his wife said to me, “We love what you are doing!” and I said, “Why don’t you all do it also in your city?” They live in a nearby city and they said, “We will discuss it with the church and do it!” Praise the Lord!

The feedback from the people at the graveside was great and they said, “We will watch the DVD when we get home.” Please pray for all the folks who happily took home a Bible, DVD and tract.}