Sharing JESUS as a Way of Life!

CLv3_300One of our staff couples tells a story of how to share JESUS with the world as they go about their day:

“Recently our way to our nephew’s graduation, we had lunch at In-N-Out Burgers. It was busy as usual and we sat next to a young couple who were speaking Chinese.  My wife asked the woman what language they were speaking and when she said Mandarin, my wife said ‘I have a movie in Mandarin.’  The woman asked, ‘Is it subtitled or dubbed?’ She was delighted when my wife explained is was dubbed and happily took a copy.  They left.

Two young Indian men sat down where the Chinese couple had been sitting. While we all ate lunch we talked with them about India. They asked if I had been to India and how I knew so much about India. I told them I had learned most of what I know about India from Indians that I have met in the US… I asked them where they were from in India and they said Punjab. I then told them that I had a film in Punjabi in my car if they would like a copy. They were interested so I went to the car and got a copy for each of them.

On our way home from the graduation, we stayed with friends… Our friends told us that they have given the JESUS DVD to their Persian neighbor and he had told them, ‘This is the most wonderful film I have ever seen.’

There are great opportunities everywhere to reach out to the immigrants living among us! Our experience is that most will happily receive a JESUS DVD in their language when it is offered as a gift. It can be scary at first but we find it is a lot of fun and they are more interested than we expect.”SALv3_300