“10 Reasons Why I Pray During Ramadan”

Nell Green, with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, tells why she prays for Muslims during Ramadan:

Mosque at sunset

  1. I love my Muslim friends and neighbors. I want God’s best for them.
  2. I learn from my Muslim friends and neighbors. I learn the value of community, the value of fasting, the value of regularly coming aside in the middle of a crazy world to pray, and so much more.
  3. During this time of Ramadan my Muslim friends are seeking God and desire for God to meet them as they pray. It is a joy to pray that with them.
  4. It connects me to the realities of much turmoil and strife that is occurring in many countries, but during the month of Ramadan I am able to focus my prayers particularly for those Muslim countries that are suffering in one way or another.
  5. I sense a stronger connection to my Muslim friends and neighbors and God changes me as I pray for them.
  6. I am more sensitive to the people who are around me, particularly when I see someone who appears to a follower of Islam. I am able to offer a prayer on their behalf.
  7. As I read, study, and use various guides for my prayers, I learn more about the many different peoples God has placed upon this earth. God nudges my heart to pray for them with insight and sincerity.
  8. I become more sensitive to ways that I might be stereotyping people of other faiths and ways that they are perhaps marginalized in our society.
  9. I am drawn to a closer walk with God because of my heightened awareness.
  10. God calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves. I know of no better way to love someone than to pray. And then if possible be the one who expresses God’s love by word and deed.