Unreached Peoples in USA – 2014 – Part 2

“Of the estimated hundreds of unreached peoples, here is a small glimpse of the reality that few know…

    • St. Louis is home to the largest number of Bosnians, with estimates ranging between 35,000-60,000.
    • Detroit has the largest concentration of Arab Muslims (e.g., Yemeni, Iraqi, Lebanese, Palestinians) numbering in the tens-of-thousands.
    • Outside of Israel, New York is home to the largest number of Jews in the world, numbering in the millions.
    • Approximately 5000 Soninke/Serecole Muslims live in New York. Second to metro New York with 60,000,
    • South Patterson, New Jersey is home to thousands of Egyptian Arab Muslims.

Jewish Fest in Jerusalem          Muslim women

Brief excerpt from JD Payne’s 2014 (pp. 34-35) book entitled:
Unreached Peoples, Least Reached Places
(An Untold Story of Lostness in America)

Note: Still more demographics will continue in future posts.