Yesterday was International Widows’ Day

The Gospel for Asia describes the situation in South Asia: India Old Women

“The treatment of most widows in South Asia is unimaginably horrific. When a woman’s husband dies, she is often blamed for his death. For some widows, the humiliation starts when she is stripped of her colorful clothing and forced to wear a white sari signifying her new status as a widow. Her glass bangles, which previously let the world know of her marital status, are smashed into thousands of tiny shards. Her life will now be controlled by her eldest son. If she is lucky, she’ll get a tiny corner of his house in which to sleep.

More often, though, she is sent out of the family home and ends up working for a few cents a day at a temple or begging on the streets. Many widows endure lives of poverty and utter hopelessness. They yearn to know that someone loves them…

Pray for widows to know Jesus’ love.”