Hmong Festival Results!

Hmong Outreach Morgenstern-Vang

Here’s a report from Sunday July 6, the day after the 34th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration.

Join us in PRAISING God for…

  • Over 44 receiving Christ on the first day of the event!  Many of the Hmong people prayed with their own people in their language.
  • The Hmong volunteer workers from MN, TX, IA, WI, IL, AL, and CA.  Hmong churches came and participated too.  Several individuals and churches left with a vision for outreach.
  • Clearly choosing the  “right people”  to receive materials.  About half of all who came to the park received something.
  • The perfect weather: cool, no rain, and no humidity. (It rained the last night, but only after returning home!)

Please be PRAYING for…

  • The follow-up of the new Hmong believers!
  • The Hmong churches to be overflowing with new believers and soon-to-be believers.
  • Thousands to read their scripture, listen to the Hmong CD or watch the JESUS Film in their own language!

The following were distributed at 6 entry gates and at the table:

  • 16,100 English New Testaments
  • 9952 Blue Hmong “Creation to Christ” CDs
  • 11 Laotian “Words of Life” CDs and 2 Vietnamese “Words of Life” CDs
  • 3300  “JESUS Film” DVDs in SE Asian Languages and nearly 200 in Burmese Languages (including Thai)

God united many organizations, churches, and individuals for this event!