We Have No Excuse

Hospital Cartoon x

A very touching story from one of our partners near Toronto,

“Friends, I want to share a short story which will bring joy to your heart. I had a call the other day from a Korean lady who asked to purchase 50 DVDs and I told her ‘OK.’  She came to pick them up yesterday and we got talking about how she will using the DVDs; she told me that they are for her husband.  She then said to me that her husband is a “quadriplegic” in the hospital and has been there for two years now.  And that in his situation in the hospital, he is sharing the Good News to the people there. Oh my heart leaps for joy, giving God praise and thanksgiving for using our brother in his situation for His glory.  I then remembered that I know of this brother,  because last year another brother also pickup DVDs and Bibles from us for him.”