Navajo Country in Arizona

Navajo girls - Patricia's pic

Picture a friendly small town in Navajo County, Arizona. A full-time pastor and his family live in a small house next to the church. His wife works in the school system. They are active, not only in the church, but in outreach to hundreds of Native American children and their families. The pastor trains Navajo Christians so that they can obtain their papers to preach, and to reach even more for Christ.

A tragic car accident takes the life of their dear son. A void, beyond measure, remains in the hearts of the parents, their family, the church and the community. Severe diabetes has robbed the pastor of much, putting him in leg braces.

They carry on wholeheartedly and often he and his wife cry out to God for more Bibles and JESUS DVDs. Finances are limited, but they trust God for provision. The vision of the Navajos to reach their own people is huge. They are faithful pastors!

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