Biblical Courses at Penn State!

Penn State Old Main

This evening in State College,  Pennsylvania, the home of Penn State’s main campus, a small group of  students begin a class entitled “Bridges:  Christians Connecting with Muslims.”  Students will learn about Islam and be encouraged to start a friendship with a Muslim.

Recently on campus, nearly 500 students from various Christian fellowships joined together for a worship service called “Common Ground.” A previous student of the Bridges’ class took one of his new friends who was touched by the love and unity of the gathering.

In the Spring at Penn State, a “Perspectives” course will teach about God’s heart for the nations and how He wants His people join Him in what He is doing.  Please pray for this upcoming strategic course.

  • Pray for campus ministries to wholeheartedly promote the class.
  • Ask God to motivate churches to participate, especially their leaders.
  • Pray for a way to offer this course for actual PSU credit.

Thank you!