Abdu, a New Believer in Cameroon

Cameroon school

Abdu is from Cameroon.  As sometimes happens, his relatives took his wife and his children away from him, claiming they were the family’s property. This is tolerated in many countries. Abdu’s wife was expecting another child at the time. He lost his job and has been living with a friend while he sorts out his new life as a believer and tries to get his family back.

Since then, Abdu’s wife gave birth to a baby girl and he succeeded in getting a birth certificate for his daughter against opposition from the family members.

Next, Abdu’s  paternal uncle went to the public school where Abdu’s older children attend, removed them from the school and enrolled them in a religious school.  Opposing this uncle will be difficult, however just recently Abdu removed his traumatized children from the religious school and re-enrolled them into the public school.

Please Pray!

  • Pray that the uncle will rest his case and allow Abdu to send the children to the school of his choice.
  • Pray also that the two school principals don’t clash over which school the children should attend.
  • Pray for Abdu’s wife who is caught in the cross fire. She thinks he should back out of the struggle but Abdu says no.

These are the realities many face who when deciding to follow Jesus. It is not always the horrible killings or refugee exile. It is more likely the loss of job and even loss of family. Yet in the face of these persecutions, thousands are choosing to follow Christ. Pray for their tremendous courage as they entrust God with life and family and future.