A JESUS DVD May Be an Answer to Prayer!

The JESUS Film Project shares this story: An Answer to Prayer.


“At the conclusion of an outreach to immigrants in Vancouver, as materials were being packed into boxes, a staff member’s wife handed a “JESUS” DVD to a woman as she walked past. Her curiosity was aroused, and she asked what it was. As the woman began to answer, the visitor said, “I came to Canada a year ago, and from the beginning I was longing for a Bible.” She continued, “I was afraid to go to church because I thought maybe they do not receive me, and now here you are offering me [a] DVD about the life of Christ. Of course this is the answer to my prayer.” She asked for and received a Bible too. The couple shared the gospel with her, and she prayed to receive Christ as Savior. Pray immigrants to Canada and the USA will hear the gospel and respond.”

We have a DVD with the most common immigrant languages in North America!