Plan Now for World Refugee Day!

Don’t miss this opportunity! Get ready for World Refugee Day on on June 20th! Encourage the millions who have had to leave their homes.

As defined by the US Code, a refugee is any person outside of the US that is of special humanitarian concern to the US and “has a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.”

Refugee Camp Pakistan

The June 2014 report by the UN informs us that worldwide there are about 51.2 million forcibly displaced people. 53% came from just three countries:

  • Afghanistan (2.56 million),
  • Syria (2.47 million) and
  • Somalia (1.12 million)

Here are some ways we can welcome refugees:

  • pray for them
  • get your church involved
  • volunteer at a resettlement agency
  • become an English tutor
  • be a personal tour guide
  • act as a mentor to a family
  • donate money, furniture and household items
  • hand out holiday baskets for families
  • give goody bags for the children
  • raise awareness about refugees
  • encouraging local businesses to employ refugees
  • Share “JESUS” in their heart language

The theme for World Refugee 2015 is “With courage let us all combine.”