“Sparrow” — An Afghan Woman

Bird Sparrow

“Sparrow” is the nickname of an Afghan immigrant woman who recently received a special Christmas basket from one of our partner ministries. The basket contained food, helpful items and a women’s adaptation of the original JESUS film– Magdalena: Released From Shame. “Sparrow” wanted to follow Jesus, but as an Afghan she did not know how it would be possible. Family and friends caused her to be fearful and intimidated.
This ministry group follows up with every person who receives a basket. They do this to show love, to read Bible verses, to pray and to help people who are open to Jesus’ gift of love and grace.
On a recent visit, “Sparrow” asked for prayer because her family situation was tense and full of pressing issues. The group knelt to pray, and a woman spoke in “Sparrow’s” Persian heart-language. Then something amazing happened! With her limited English and with tears streaming down her face, “Sparrow” cried out, “Help…Jesus…come…my…heart!” At least 50 times she repeated it, unable to contain herself! “Help…Jesus…come… my…heart!”- A giant leap of faith!
We are so thankful that God and these faithful partners have their eyes on “Sparrow” as they help her grow in her new faith. Please pray for her as she clings to Jesus, follows Him and shares her new life with others.

Please note: We have the Dari language on one of our multi-language DVDs.