JESUS Film App ~ Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone!


Have you downloaded the JESUS Film mobile app to your phone? Join the more than 40 million who have!

This app gives your phone access to the JESUS Film in over 1100 languages. The film is viewed more than 24,000 times a day!  You can instantly share JESUS anywhere, anytime, with anyone who comes across your path in a few easy steps!

  1. Ask their language.
  2. Show them that JESUS speaks their language.
  3. Ask for their email.
  4. Send the link to the film.
  5. Follow up by email!

If you would also like to give a more tangible gift or distribute the film for a large outreach, check out our multi-language DVDs (standard price is 100 DVDs for $250 + shipping).  You can easily search DVDs by title, language or region of the world.

Historically, every 6 seconds someone prays to receive Christ as a result of viewing the JESUS Film!