JESUS Makes a Home Visit

A story from The JESUS Film Project:

Woman old

“For the past five to six years, Bill Goodrich has used the 90-minute edition of JESUS during the Easter season to reach out to nursing home residents in Cleveland, Ohio. Bill remarked: “You would think that many of the folks might sleep through this … movie, but not so! Almost all of the people watched the entire movie with much interest. … Other gospel films are just too long to show in a nursing home context. This one is perfect.” In April 2015 Bill showed JESUS in two nursing homes. He and his team witnessed first-time decisions and renewed commitments from more than 60 people in both homes. One resident commented: “It is a beautiful movie, a beautiful presentation. I’ve read the Bible a lot and now I got to see it, and it was wonderful.”

Note: The film of the Life of JESUS is taken directly from the gospel of Luke. God’s Word does not return empty! Multi-language DVDs are readily available for you to share JESUS!