Reaching the World from London

A partner reaching Internationals in the UK reports:
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“Over the month I distributed 637 copies of the JESUS DVD in 49 different languages and dialects, including:
  • 119 in Modern Standard/Egyptian Arabic,
  • 90 in Sudanese Arabic and
  • 64 in Somali. 

More unusual languages included:

  • Susu (Guinea Conakry) – to a lady in East London, who was very surprised to receive something in her own language.  We had a very good conversation and she requested a New King James Bible in English which I was able to post to her. 
  • I also gave two JESUS DVDs out in Maay (a dialect of Somali) to two Somali men in Manchester – they too were delighted!”

Ask God who you can reach in your world!