God Used a Powerful Dream

clouds - heaven

This story is featured in our newest Fall Prayer Guide:

 The Ansari family immigrated to America because of their fear of the government in Iran which had tried to lure their son and force him to clear minefields during the Iran-Iraq war. One day, Mrs. Ansari awoke her son with an urgent request. “Mike, it’s Sunday, you must drive me to a church. I want to go to church!” Mike thought she was crazy and told her that they should not do that because they were of a different faith that disapproved of Christianity. Mike’s mother revealed a powerful dream in which she saw a stairway to heaven. She wanted to go up, but strong guards at the base stood in her way. Then a man dressed in white came down the stairs, bypassed the guards, and called her by name. He gave her a white envelope and said, “Come, for your name is written in the Book of Life.” Because of her persistence, Mike took her to a Farsispeaking Christian church. After the service she went to the front of the church where a man gave her a white envelope like the one in her dream! Inside the envelope was the JESUS DVD in Farsi, as well as a Farsi New Testament. She took it home, watched the movie and was transformed by the truth. Mike’s mother was so radically changed that all her family wanted to watch the JESUS film. Eventually, most of the family, including Mike, received Christ as their Savior. Today Mike works full time in ministry, sharing Christ with everyone who will listen or watch, since he is in charge of Mohabat Satellite TV broadcasting into the Middle East. He also is a valuable partner helping to promote and distribute JESUS DVDs to reach immigrants in North America.