JESUS Film Online for Arabs!

NA viewers (2)

During an online campaign this past September, an Egyptian team had nearly 10,000 people across North Africa and the Arabian Gulf watched the entire JESUS Film!

After Omar from Morocco viewed the film, he wrote: “My Master Jesus, thanks for your love. You gave yourself at the cross because of me. Please change my life…” Pray for Omar!

ME Viewers (2)

30,000,000 had the opportunity to view the film; this is more than 21% of the 140,000,000 internet users in the Arab world. The images shows the viewing intensity in North Africa according to YouTube.

Please pray that such campaigns can continue in the coming five years to give all Arab online users a chance to watch the JESUS Film.

Note: If you know Arabs near you, look at our multi-language DVDs; many have the appropriate languages!