New Jesus Film App 2.0!


JESUS Film Media Announces App Version 2.0!

In your app store this month!

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New Features:
  • Global Localizations: If the app is downloaded to a device where the phones default language is a language the JFM app supports, the app will open in that language. This can also be changed in the settings of the app. We now support 16 languages!
    • Currently available language localizations:
      Arabic, English, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, and Spanish
    • Newly added languages:
      Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, and Urdu.
  • My Videos & Search: 
    • Sort Videos: “My Videos” now has some great new features to help you find the videos you have saved for later. You can sort the videos by Date, Title, and Language. You are also able to share videos in Edit mode too.
    • Search Improvements: Our unified search  has been updated to a new, cleaner look that helps you find languages, countries, and videos all in one neat place!
  • Video Detail Improvements:
    • Related Content: Did you know most of the videos on the Jesus Film Media mobile and web app have descriptions, related questions, and Scriptures that can help spark meaningful conversations? In the new app we have broken out each element into sections to help users utilize this knowledge for deeper discussions.
    • Expanded Share Options: We have maximized the potential to share our media on ANY 3rd party app that has sharing capabilities for apps downloaded to your device.
    • iOS Android: The share icons have changed for both iOS and Android.
  • Map Improvements: 
    • Cleaner Map: We have updated the map to have a cleaner appearance and added country flags to the pop up to help users create a stronger connection while reaching unreached people.
    • Country Detail Page: This page now features the country flag as well as the list of languages that are spoken in that country. Users can still sort through the list by popular languages and alphabetical. Android has new placement of the sort option and it is located in the top right corner.
What People are Saying…
  • Totally amazing!! ★★★★★
    “To have all these language translations and features at your fingertips is astonishing and a blessing!”
    – moto lymie
  • Amazing, well done!  ★★★★★
    “I work for youth with a mission (YWAM) and have been waiting for this for a long time. Whether I’m in Bangkok or Kathmandu, I have access to this amazing tool. Well done, great work.”
Did You Know?
  • Top 15 Countries by Views (across the entire JFM platform)
    1 October 2012 – 2 November 2015:

Newest Languages and Translations:

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