Advent Wreath; Endless Meaning

Christmas Advent

As we anticipate celebrating the birth of Christ, consider the symbolism of the advent wreath.
  • The circular evergreen wreath reminds us of God’s endless mercy and His offer of eternal life through His Son.
  • The flames of the candles picture Jesus as the light of the world and us as reflections of Him to others.
  • The first candle introduces the idea of expectation and hope found in the Old Testament prophecies.
  • The second candle brings a time of preparation as we respond to God’s loving, sacrificial provision.
  • The third candle tells the story of the shepherds and the joy about the coming King.
  • The fourth candle brings the angel’s message of peace to the world.
  • The center candle (if gathering on Christmas) is the Christ candle reminding us that He is central to the season!
This season, consider being a light to the internationals near you by sharing JESUS with them!