Help & Hope

From Jesus Film Project:


“Negeen† moved with her son, Farzad, from a remote village to the city. Through odd jobs, Farzad makes just enough money to pay rent for a garage where they live. While on their way to an outreach, ministry team members met Negeen and Farzad at a bus stop. When they learned where Negeen and Farzad lived, they brought them food and warm clothes. Shocked by the squalid conditions of the garage, one team member invited them to his home for a shower and dinner. After dinner he put on the JESUS film and shared the gospel with them. Negeen and Farzad watched and listened with interest. Afterward, both expressed the desire to follow Christ. That team member and others continue working with Negeen and Farzad and helping them grow in their faith.”

†Names changed for security

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