Africa: What Thieves Cannot Steal

Pastor Alexandre accepted the assignment to lead a newly planted church in an African village in a region known for idol worshipers, brigands and cattle thieves. One evening, while Pastor Alexandre held a meeting at the church, thieves broke into the guestroom of his house and not only stole what they pleased, but they also scattered his personal belongings on the ground in front of the church.

Africa Church

Undaunted, Pastor Alexandre conducted a JESUS film showing that same night and rejoiced as the grace of God poured out on one man: Mr. Marc. Later acknowledging he was both idol worshipper and brigand, Mr. Marc watched JESUS that night and realized Christ is the true Lord. He decided to follow Jesus, and his life changed for eternity―so much so that he now serves as Pastor Alexandre’s assistant.

Challenge: Share JESUS with the Africans in your community; let them hear JESUS speaking their language!