Central Asian Finds JESUS in Greece!

JESUS Film Project Shares this Story: Embraced Love

“The head of a young man tanned by the sun peaked out of the baptismal water. As a 30 year- old man Abbass* did not speak or read Greek well. Among one of many refugees who came to Greece from Central Asia, Abbass sought security and a better life. He left behind his family and tribe because they were involved in a radical religious movement. When asked how he came to be baptized, Abbass shared the difference was made by a film in Arabic. On one occasion he watched the JESUS film. When the film ended, he was in tears. He asked to learn more about God. This search led Abbass to embrace the religion of love and sacrifice, and to begin the path to the true God.”
*Name changed for security
Note: JESUS speaks Greek and many Central Asian languages on our outreach DVDs! Give them to the internationals near you!