From Crescent to Cross

Story from our Winter 2016 Prayer Guide:

Maryama was born and raised in Somalia. As a young child, she felt she could experience God in all of nature. When she was 5 years old, her mother died. Maryama was told she must appease “the god who was unknowable — the god who judges the heart and mind.” However, Maryama just wanted to escape this frightening “god.” She was terrified of death, feeling certain she could never enter paradise.

church cross

When Maryama immigrated to America as a young wife and mother, things did not improve. She felt lonely, vulnerable and confused. And, she felt helpless as she heard reports from home of family and friends being killed in the Somalia Civil War. Sitting in a car and rocked with grief, she cried out, “Allah, Allah, please help me!” When she looked up through her tears, she saw a cross on a building. She had been in the U.S. for 10 years, but had never looked intently at a cross. She went into the church and said, “I want to know about the cross.” On a weekly basis, the pastor began showing her the JESUS film. She was mesmerized and shocked. Maryama received the help she had cried out for. After her baptism, she finally felt an incredible and lasting peace.
Recently, Maryama told JESUS Film® staff members, “Twenty years ago, Jesus came to me through the JESUS film. This film walked me through hearing and seeing Jesus.” Maryama now uses JESUS DVDs to help others receive Jesus’ love. She has written about her extraordinary journey to the heart of God in her book,  “From the Crescent to the Cross.”
Challenge: The Somalis near you can hear JESUS speak in their own languages. Give them: