Anything Good from the San B Shooting?

Iranian churches are popping up all over the US! We know because they hand out tens of thousands “JESUS” DVDs each year during Nowruz (Iranian New Year). Read this account from one of our ministry partners to see how God is using even tragic news events to draw Iranians to Himself. Many are disillusioned with their religion from birth.

San Bernardino Flag

After the San Bernardino shooting in December, three Iranian men and a couple of women came to the church on the following Sunday.  They kept coming Sunday after Sunday.  They shared that they want to learn how to change their religion.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet them and gave them each a Jesus DVD (as well as 80 for the church to use as gifts for future visitors to the church). I‘m praying for them as they watch the film, hear the gospel and continue to connect with believers in the church.
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