Easter Special: 100 JESUS DVDs for $100!

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You and your church can reach your world this Easter by giving multi-language JESUS DVDs to the internationals near you (immigrants, refugees, students….). The risen JESUS speaks their heart language(s)!  Each DVD is only $1 and includes up to 24 languages. Let’s be sure every nation sees JESUS and finds new life!
Here’s how you could introduce the DVD, I would like to give you a gift. This DVD has the story of Easter in your language!”


JESUS DVD – American Immigrant Languages (A1L)

JESUS film in 8 languages: Arabic, English, French, Farsi (Persian), Mandarin, Spanish (Latin American), Tagalog and Vietnamese. Subtitled in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish and Vietnamese. Bonus feature: The Story of Jesus for Children in the same languages. Subtitled in English.




The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children – (C1L)

The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children in 24 languages: Arabic, Cantonese, English, Farsi (Persian), French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish (Latin American), Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese. Subtitled in English.
(The Story of Jesus Through they Eyes of Children is also sold under the title, The Story of Jesus for Children.)


Call now to order: (800) 381-0911

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  • (For information on other DVDs in this series visit www.ReachingTheNationsAmongUs.org)