Happy New Year! Please Pray!

IRANIAN NEW YEAR was March 20th. They celebrate for two weeks, ending with a large picnic. During this time they give gifts and visit each other.
On Sunday, April 3rd, 600-1000 Iranians will gather in a park nearby one of our partner ministries. A big outreach will take place; many volunteers will hand out packets of Farsi literature which include:

Iranian Nowruz Picnic

  • Gospel of John
  • “JESUS” film  DVD
  • “Magdalena: Released from Shame” DVD
  • “Meet God Personally” booklet
  • A phone number to contact
The volunteers walk throughout the park and just say, “Happy New Year, here is a gift for you.” Then they give the literature packet. A Christian clown participates and is a big attraction. Tootsie pops are also distributed, which they all enjoy. The Iranians are found to be very grateful. Their picnic usually ends around dusk.
One man was so happy to see them taking the time to reach out to his people. He had recently become a believer. He had tears in his eyes as he told his testimony.
  • Many volunteers to help,
  • The Iranians to have open hearts to the gospel,
  • Several other Iranian outreaches across the USA on this same day.