Excitement in the Air of Suriname

An International partner, living in Canada, reports (part 2):
Suriname - Kids by river
 “Our amazing God is doing amazing things in Suriname. Our pastor friend, Jimmy, sent out a message inviting all the pastors in Suriname to join us in the capital city to hear about our vision of reaching every home in Suriname.  Over 200 pastors showed up.  Some of them had to travel the day before to get there, because they were coming from the interior. I was the keynote speaker. I gave my testimony and then my son talked about the work of “Reach Beyond.” Pastor Tony continued by sharing what we had already accomplished in Guyana.  Then I challenged them from the Word of God. The title of my message was “How Much Do We Care for Lost Souls?”  The response was amazing!  This was all recorded and televised the next day all over Suriname.  It was also on the radio.  Pastor Jimmy reported that they were getting calls from all over Suriname from pastors and others wanting to get involved (PTL).
The next day we drove for about 2 1/2 hours into the interior and then took a boat up the river for an hour or so to meet the “Bush Negro.”  This is what these folks are called in Suriname. These are slaves that revolted against the Dutch and had been living in the jungle for centuries. As we arrived,  both young and old women were in the river swimming half clad.  When the women saw us, they threw coverings over themselves. It was shocking for some of us. We presented the chiefs with a box of Bibles, DVDs and other materials. They were so excited and happy that they started to sing.
Saints, I am told that Suriname is heavily into black magic and voodoo, but bringing the good news of Jesus to every home there can and will change that. There are lots from other major religions there too and we presented the pastors with material to equip them. Saints, there is such an excitement in the air also in Suriname!  Many of the pastors can’t believe that we are doing this. 30,000 homes are being reach with the good news right now (PTL).
Gyana - Suriname - boat
We know that the devil does not like what we are doing by this an example. When we were crossing over back into Guyana from Suriname, all the workers and officers were so happy to received the packet except for one man from another religion.  He was giving us such a hard time and he wouldn’t let up.  He wanted us to pay duties for the Bibles.  When the other officers heard what he was doing, they had a chat with him.  He finally gave in and let us go. One lady officer who we gave a packet with a NT was so excited, she said that she will give her life to the Lord (PTL). She was the one who was especially having a serious chat with the difficult customs officer.
Saints, there is so much more I can share about what our amazing God is doing in the lives of those that have received the packets.  We watched folks literally run into their houses and put the DVD on right away. Saints, there is still much more to do!  The time is short. 
Please pray for:
  •  All those who receive the packets.
  • Our preparations to do the same in Trinidad in June!
For part 1 of this story, read “Excitement in the Air of Guyana.