Finding JESUS on the Internet

God is using the internet to touch seekers at just the right time!

Every morning at 10:30, people in one particular Middle Eastern country step away from their work for a coffee break and to catch up on their social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Yes it’s almost everywhere!). At this same moment our New Life Radio team posts a teaching of Jesus accompanied by a still image from the JESUS Film. After trying many different kinds and timings of posts, our team has found that sharing teachings by and about Jesus consistently creates a tremendous response. Since the JESUS Film has been widely shown and distributed, everyone recognizes immediately that Jesus is the center of each post. A Facebook page that began as a tool to promote the radio ministry has ballooned into an effective evangelism tool that daily leads to meaningful engagement with the gospel for thousands of Arab seekers. In the past year there were more than six million engagements with Jesus from this one website!
The post that accompanied the picture above on April 4, 2016 quoted Jesus teaching his disciples how to pray. More than 15,000 followers of the page liked the post and 679 of them shared this post with their own followers, resulting in hundreds of thousand of further exposures to the gospel. Most significantly, more than 300 comments reflect lively questions and answers about knowing Jesus. Staff members and trained volunteers spend hours every day responding to people from different religious backgrounds.
The greatest cause of rejoicing is the tremendous harvest of new believers from all religious backgrounds. Our ministers are seeing many come to Christ. In the past three months 41 people gave their lives to Jesus, almost all from the majority religious background. They are able to meet face-to-face with dozens of new believers and teach them to be fruitful disciples. The young Christians are in their turn sharing the Gospel of Jesus with others. 
The following testimony is just one of dozens of examples of God’s Spirit moving in the hearts of people from this one country:
I was meeting with a new believer in the refugee camp. He had been listening to our radio station and became a believer after having a dream. This young man has four brothers. They persecuted this young believer in many difficult ways. We prayed for them and slowly they became more open to listen. Eventually three of them agreed to attend our meeting in the refugee camp. We prayed together and they gave their lives to Jesus. They have become strong believers and are living many experiences with Jesus. Three weeks ago I met the oldest brother and we all prayed for him, laying hands on him. That same day he saw Jesus in a wonderful dream.
Please pray for these new Arab believers!
And remember you can touch the lives of Arabs around you with our Middle Eastern JESUS DVDs or Magdalena DVDs.