Pakistani at Yard Sale!

From a partner in Kansas…
Garage Sale
We had a garage sale in our neighborhood about 2 Springs ago.  At each one we have, I love to put out a display of various JESUS film DVD’s. This last time, I met people from Russia, Poland, various Middle Eastern countries (several women wearing head coverings), and one even from Afghanistan.  Hispanics are the most thankful especially when I give them to children!  That is, until the last day of this garage sale…
One older aged man came by himself and looked as if he were from India.  He walked up the driveway almost like he knew what he was looking for.  Perhaps somebody told him earlier about the free JESUS DVDs.  I greeted him and asked if he were from India, hoping to get a little conversation going. As he was looking through the different stacks of DVDs, I could tell by the expression on his face he was close to finding his language.
I happened to have the South Asian one so tried to point on the back the various translations on the disc.  All of a sudden he grabbed the ones bundled for people of his religion with 16 languages and he started looking down the list.  When he said something about Pakistan I picked up another one to help him find his and started to say, “Is this your language?”  
All of a sudden his eyes got big and He blurted out, “I’ve been living in Pakistan for 50 years in Hell.  And I never want to go back.  I’m beginning to believe that Jesus is more than just a prophet!”    He took the DVD out of my hand and put it to his chest.  Then without saying another word He just backed down the driveway.  He never looked at any of our stuff and seemed to simply treasure his new find as he quietly got in his car and drove away.  Even though it was only a brief interaction, I will never forget his words and the surprised reaction to finding a Jesus film in his heart language.
Consider having your own yard sale and set out free JESUS DVDs! Be creative!