Prepare to Pray June 6th!

Overview of “30 Days of Prayer.comMuslim girl in white


  • Join the millions of Christians around the world
  • In this largest international prayer focus for our newest neighbors
  • 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World
  • Coincides yearly with Ramadan, an important month of fasting
  • Christians worldwide are to make an intentional but respectful effort to
    • learn about
    • pray for
    • reach out to Muslim neighbors

Muslim guy pray

  • There is an increasing influx of new neighbors into our communities
  • Many of them are
    • refugees from troubled areas of the world
    • international students
    • immigrant families seeking to better their lives
  • Most are very open to get to know people in their new communities.
  • When surveyed, few have ever been invited into Christian homes
  • This is a God-given opportunity to North Americans to welcome the stranger among us
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