11 Middle East Countries See JESUS!

This past January during Orthodox Christmas, a team from the Middle East advertised the JESUS Film online to 11 countries in the Middle East. The ad (via this Facebook page) was viewed 31-million times, providing the chance to watch the Life of the Christ according to the gospel of Luke. The team calculated that 8000 watched it through to the end. In Mauritania and Somalia alone, 300,000 saw the ad, 13,000 began the film, and 200 finished it.


Here are some of the 750 comments received:
  • Z.K. from Morocco commented, “I’ve watched Jesus film 3 times. Brother, I’ve read the Bible a lot and I know it’s from God, but I still have doubts.”
  • A lady from Egypt sent an SMS asking for advice as she believes in Jesus Christ but she cant share that with anyone.
  • S.S. from Mauritania wrote: “I’ve watched a big part of the movie and I felt so secure.” He asked to hear the whole message of Jesus Christ, and he also left his phone number. We pray that God would provide a believer from his country to meet him.
The marketing team keeps  a record of everyone who watched the movie in order to provide channels to help them grow in their spiritual journey.
To show the JESUS Film to the Arabic speakers near you, give them a “JESUS” DVD – Arabic Dialects!