Cruisin’ with Jesus

An international partner, living in Canada reports:

cruise ship

“Listen to this and then give our amazing God praises. Every year my wife and I in the month of November go away cruising because it my wife’s birthday and our anniversary. Every year when we are on the ship we reach out to all the staff, all the travelers, and every port we dock at; sometimes the total number of people on the ship exceeds 4000. We conduct Bible studies almost every day and Sunday service and at the same time enjoy our holiday. My wife and I are the most sought after passengers on the ship. Few days ago a friend came by to pickup two DVDs to give to his coworkers and he was sharing this story. He said he met this man at his church, who used to be a cook on the cruise ship and the man told him that one day on the cruise ship a man give him a JESUS DVD, NT and preached salvation to them and that changed his life. My friend asked the man to describe this man that did this and my friend could not believe that the man was describing me!  My friend told him, ‘I know that guy.’  You see, friend, just plain and honestly share the Good News and let God do the convincing work in their lives.”

Note: Consider how you will share JESUS and choose the multi-language DVDs you will use!