Hotspot for JESUS!


Free Wi-Fi! A New Bridge to JESUS!

wifi hotspot

Walking around an airport, a man* secretly carries a wireless hotspot in his pocket. This device advertises as an open Wi-Fi to anyone seeking an internet connection. Just as you may have encountered when using Wi-Fi at a McDonald’s or in a hotel, the first page appearing is one served from the hotspot.
The hotspot in his pocket is also a full Web server with content in the local languages, including the text of the Bible and the JESUS Film in multiple languages.
In just over an hour of walking around, this man had over 30 downloads of the JESUS Film from his pocket. All this in a country that may even kill the man if he was handing out a single copy of the Bible on a street corner.
So encouraged by the number of times people are accessing the JESUS Film from his pocket, this man ordered and prepared 2,500 units to be carried by hundreds of volunteers. They anticipate these signals being picked up by business travelers, asylum seekers as well as tourists.
Please pray for the hundreds of thousands we hope will meet Jesus by watching JESUS via Wi-Fi in the coming months.
* he and his location needs to remain nameless for security reasons
Note: If you don’t have such a device, you can still download the JESUS App.