“Kicked Out”

Jesus Film Project tells this story:

Persian Girl xx

Gulpari’s marriage and life shattered when she revealed she could not bear children. According to her culture’s customs, she and her husband lived in his parents’ home. The shame and disappointment over Gulpari’s inability to give them grandchildren prompted them to kick her out of their house… and their family.  Homeless and unmarried, she traveled more than 100 miles to the capital city looking for a job.  One day she happened upon a group of believers who told her about a God who loves and cares for all people. She asked, “Who is this God that loves us?” When she saw the JESUS film, she met Jesus and made the decision to follow Him. Then the ministry responded to help meet Gulpari’s physical needs as well as her spiritual needs. One of the ministry families took Gulpari in to live with them, and she now attends a small group discipleship study. Gulpari went from living life isolated and ashamed to living in community with Christ-followers who point her to the One who loves her and knows her by name.
Consider how God could use “Magdalena: Released from Shame” in the lives of women you know.