Miraculous Sign!

Jesus Film Project reports:

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“I can only marry a Christian woman.” To Azin, a young woman raised strongly in the majority religion of her culture, these words spoken by her friend Mani stirred her to begin seeking answers. “Who is this Jesus?” she wondered. She prayed to the only god she knew, “God, if Jesus really is Your Son, if He’s God, show me the sign.” Immediately, an image of a man appeared on the palms of her hands. Shocked to see an answer to her prayer so quickly, Azin tucked the image of that man into her memory. Not long afterward, she watched JESUS and saw the Jesus in the film was the same as the image she had seen on her palms. At that moment she believed. Today she attends a home church and continues to grow in her faith. Azin now knows Jesus as Friend and Savior.

God is preparing hearts; offer JESUS on DVD in the languages of your neighbors!