Pakistani Waited for 30 Years!

One of our partners in Texas reports:

gas station

I met a very kind Pakistani man the other day at a convenience store in Magnolia, TX. As I handed him a copy of the “Life of Jesus” in Urdu, I asked him if he had ever read in the Bible about the life of Jesus. He said, “No, but he is spoken of in the Qur’an as a good prophet.”  As the conversation progressed, I asked him how long he had been in the US. “For 30 years!”  Just think. He has been in our country for 30 years and has never read a copy of the Bible, especially in his own language. I was excited to know that now he finally has a copy in his hands and will be reading about Jesus in the scriptures for the first time.  Please be praying for this Pakistani man.

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