Refugees Drawn to Jesus

A story from the JESUS Film:
We’d like to share with you the story of two brothers, refugees from Syria who were in Budapest, Hungary, for several days before continuing their journey to Germany. Feras and Mohamed’s story, related by one of our Hungarian staff, gives a personal glimpse into the spiritual openness of those fleeing Syria.
Feras is a 5th-year dentistry student and his younger brother Mohamed, a 3rd-year business and economics student. They lived in the ancient city of Damascus in a beautiful house with their parents and 11-year-old sister. Their father was building a house for each of his sons. Then the war came. They lost everything, but didn’t want to leave Syria, and they managed to survive. When Mohamed’s school was bombed, and his classmates were killed, still they stayed. Then the army wanted to enlist Feras, and he would have to murder innocent people. He didn’t want to do that. If he disobeyed, he himself would be killed.
Damascus Civil War
The family decided that the two older boys would start the dangerous journey to Europe with their mother, and when they were settled, their father and sister would join them. They survived the dangerous trip across the sea and then walked for five weeks before arriving at the train station in Budapest.  This family had a life, but now everything has turned upside down. They lost their possessions, educational opportunities, jobs and family members.
The national director of Campus Crusade for Christ in Hungary says: “Like many Hungarians, churches and other Christian missions, we of Cru helped with their physical needs.  After this, we started a discussion. I shared with them that I know a famous refugee who has changed the world. They were curious to know who that was. I said, ‘Jesus.’ His parents took him and ran for their lives to Egypt. He has compassion for refugees because he himself was one. “I showed Feras the JESUS film app on my phone, selected the specific Arabic language he speaks and encouraged him to watch it on his way to Germany. “When I learned that they were from Damascus, I asked him if he had heard the famous story of Paul in his city. He hadn’t, so I shared that story with him, too. We exchanged emails and have now become Facebook friends.
Budapest Train Station
“When we helped to feed these exhausted people, who had spent nights on a concrete floor at the railway station, and played with their children, suddenly the passage of Matthew 25:40 hit me with an overwhelming emotional force: “As you did it to one of the least of these, My brothers, you did it to Me.”  The children didn’t deserve to lose their home, parents, or country. They didn’t want to be here. Playing with them, clothing and feeding them is like doing it to Jesus Himself. Refugee families sleep under Keleti train station in Budapest, Hungary. Jesus showed up at the railway station so we could host Him, feed Him, wash Him, and clothe Him! As I walked among these refugees, I could only see the tremendous opportunity God gave us to show the love of Christ. God brought the nations to us because we never could have reached them with the gospel otherwise.
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