Why Go on Living?

Jesus Film Project shares this true story:
Distraught over her broken engagement, Dara† was determined to take her own life. She walked to a nearby park, where she noticed a booklet and DVD on a bench. At first she thought someone had forgotten them. Then she saw a note under the booklet. Reaching for it, she read: “This is a gift for you. I have got it free; I give it free. The content of the DVD and book changed my life, and it can change yours as well. Do not lose this opportunity … hope will return into your life.” The note overwhelmed her, and as she looked more closely at the items, she discovered a copy of one of the Gospels, and a “JESUS” DVD. Dara quickly returned home, went to her room and started to watch “JESUS.”
While watching the movie, she began to cry. Her parents, concerned, entered her room. They too began watching the film. By the end of the movie, all three wept tears of joy, and all three chose to follow Christ that day. Although Christianity is illegal in their country, through Christian broadcasting via satellite, Dara and her parents began growing in their faith. Eventually her younger brother also came to Christ, and today their home serves as a small church.
Challenge: How you can reach others with multi-language JESUS DVDs?

†Name changed for security