Think Big: 100,000 DVDs!

DVDs CEF Shipping

Child Evangelism Fellowship is thinking big for little people!  CEF just received 100,000 DVDs for a huge Christmas outreach. Did you ever wonder what a shipment of a 100,000 DVDs looks like?  Each box contains 100 DVDs of The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children.

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  • Pray for the special outreach ministry of CEF this coming Christmas season as they will be gifting over 100,000 copies of the 24–language JESUS DVD for children.

  • Pray for the planning of this creative distribution. Ask God to prepare the hearts of families to gladly receive the DVD, watch it and open their lives to Jesus’ gift of grace, joy and peace. Pray for DVDs to be shared from one family to another to make even more of an impact.

 Note: You too can order 24-language DVDs of The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children for your ministry. It’s great at answering questions for all ages!