Urgent Prayer for Africa!


Pray for Jesus Film translators separated from their families in Africa

July 10, 2016: A Facebook post from a colleague,

“We are in Africa right now holding a workshop where we are working on translating Jesus Film scripts into several different languages.

One of the countries that is here is in a very volatile state and today we learned that the country has gone into a FULL Evacuation. That means the teams with us are here until they receive the all clear to go home.

Two of the languages have their scripts almost done. They continue to work so hard, even though their families are back in the country.

Some of their families have fled and hidden in the bush and others are in UN camps.

Please pray for these dear friends!! They have become so precious to us!”

Africa globe

July 13, 2016: A Facebook update,

“Thank you all for praying for the situation in the one country of Africa. Things are not better, however our translation teams were finally able to hear from their families, who are still in the country. They are all fine but are hearing gunfire continuously!

We had a prayer time with our translation teams last night. An hour after we prayed, and with all of your prayers included, a very bad thunderstorm hit and stopped all fighting. 🙂 Isn’t God good!!

Each team is realizing that having the Jesus film in their language is crucial! Keep praying that each team will be able to finish!! Thank you everyone!!!!”

Note: To reach Africans in our country, we suggest our multi-language ‘JESUS’ DVD – Horn of Africa Languages!