ESL: A Window to the World

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Jesus Film Project loves to connect with people from all different tribes, languages, and cultures. We also strive to create opportunities for people just like you to engage with others through the life-changing story of Jesus no matter what language they speak. Sometimes, however, when we attempt to share the story of Jesus, communication boundaries arise. Jesus Film Project now has a tool to help bring down those communication walls! Smiling female student studying in classroom

Window to the World is a strategic, interactive, twelve lesson curriculum that uses the JESUS film to teach English as a second language. This ESL/EFL education will deepen a beginner to intermediate student’s understanding of who Jesus is and what He came to do. It combines the perfect balance between practicality and spirituality as you reach out to your community.

JF BookWindow to the World comes with a CD-Rom with the entire curriculum including clips from our film JESUS. There is also a bonus DVD of only the clips from JESUS as well as detailed instructions of how to utilize this tool to impact your community with the story of Jesus.

On sale from now till August 19th for only $6.95!  Click on the book to order.